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Apprentice Gold

Apprentice Gold is a 12-month live and interactive training and coaching program.  In addition  to mastering the art of creative financing, wholesaling, lease options, and all the major components of rehabbing, you will also learn strategic leadership, how to raise private money to fund all your deals, and highly-effective marketing & lead-generation systems to insure consistent deal flow – the ultimate secret to making your real estate investing business recession-proof.



Apprentice Silver

Now, understand us when we say, “We are highly selective in who we allow and hand select to participate in our active program!” However, we don’t want these qualification standards to hold you back or limit you completely from being able and qualified to work with us. So, we have designed a limited “Apprentice Silver” kit to help you spring, with a little education booster, into action. Either your knowledge isn’t qualifying enough for our “Apprentice Gold” program, or possibly you want to just give us, our power teams and our partners a test drive. We have developed a solutions kit that can hit the sweet spot…



Apprentice Bronze

Now if for some reason all you’d like to do is test drive the 30 day one-on-one mentoring certificate program without any of the bonus add ins listed in the “Apprentice Silver”, then we have put together one last and very limited kit for you, our “Apprentice Bronze” kit. At a very low cost we will give you the 30 day mentoring that’s explained within the “Apprentice Silver” minus all the additional bonus add-ins…



Strategic Wealth Club

Create, Manage, Grow & Protect! With our monthly “Wealth Club” membership you can be rest assured that your financial freedom will continue to grow and stay protected for you and your family for the future. You must remain active and utilize all of the strategies and benefits of the “Wealth Club” in order to guarantee your long term financial protection and success.

No matter if you’re:
        * Starting out,
        * Starting over
        * Seeking to Secure Retirement  or
        * Already Wealthy 
our Partners at Strongbrook have you covered. Ultimately, no matter your situation or circumstance, our highly experienced team can support you in reaching your wealth goals!